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Your Satisfaction is GuaranteedPlease complete this form so that we can assess your needs. This will start the dialogue between us to begin the quote process, and enable us to deliver a quality website efficiently. Please, be as detailed as possible.
(Please, no more solicitations for outsourcing, we are fully staffed, thank you.)

Our Process (this is to protect us and our clients):

  1. Describe to us in the best way you can your particular needs and we will bid on it.
  2. We will then send you a contract to review and sign. For projects under $1,000 USD without a contract, an email approval from Salyris Studios with the client serves as the binding agreement for the client to pay and Salyris Studios to complete the work specified. We expect a faxed signature or an email approval from Salyris Studios sent to us for our records.
  3. After signing the contract or email approval from Salyris Studios, we expect a deposit of 30% of the total bid. If it is a large project done in phases, then 30% of each phase's total bid will be needed for the deposit.
  4. Upon finishing a bid or phase, there is a brief review of the work and the client is allowed to make a few changes, within the scope of the agreed design and content, but not major revisions.
  5. After changes are made and the client is satisfied, the remaining bid is to be paid promptly.
  6. For ongoing support, we offer affordable web management and security contracts, so ask us about this.

Email: sean[at]salyris[dot]com