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  • Joomla Event Travel Programme (JET) Recipients Chosen

    The Joomla Event Travel Programme (JET) is pleased to announce that we have selected 25 members from the worldwide Joomla community, representing 16 countries as the recipients of the first JET Programme recognition. They will have the cost of admission covered to the upcoming J and Beyond Conference on May 30 – June 1, 2014 in Königstein Germany, and will receive assistance with travel and lodging.

    The JET Programme is an initiative that was created to support active project volunteers and community members who have dedicated time and energy to make Joomla better, and who would like to attend larger Joomla events, such as J and Beyond and the Joomla! World Conference. (We will put a call out for the Joomla! World Conference JET Programme later this summer.)

    We wish to thank all those who applied and congratulate those who were accepted! We look forward to seeing you in Königstein at J and Beyond!

  • Open Source Matters Elects New President, Sarah Watz, to Guide Joomla!

    On April 8th 2014 the Board of Open Source Matters Inc (OSM), the non-profit organization that provides legal and financial support to the Joomla! project, conducted their first Annual General Meeting of the Members in accordance with the bylaws. From a list of candidates that consisted of board Directors who could be re-elected and a number of nominees that were submitted after the call for nominations, the members selected a board of 13 Directors:

    Martijn Boomsma (The Netherlands)
    Mike Carson (USA)
    Ronni Christiansen (Denmark)
    Victor Drover (USA)
    Jorge Lopez-Bachiller Fernandez (Guatemala)
    Rod Martin (USA)
    Tessa Mero (USA)
    Ryan Ozimek (USA)
    Saurabh Shah (India)
    Joe Sonne (Canada)
    Marijke Stuivenberg (The Netherlands)
    Radek Suski (Germany)
    Sarah Watz (Sweden)

  • Joomla! 3.3 Beta - Get Ready to Do More

    The stable release of Joomla! CMS 3.3 is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to start planning the upgrade, as there are some significant enhancements that will improve your site.

    So what do I need to know?

    Joomla! CMS 3.3 Stable release is scheduled for 22 April 2014

    • 3.3 will be the most stable Joomla! CMS release. Ever
    • Replaces MooTools based JavaScript with jQuery equivalents
    • Microdata implementation
    • The release is geared to help you Do More …