Salyris Studios

Salyris Studios - design, development, social media and SEO services.

Salyris Studios, located in Portland, Oregon takes a different approach to web design and Joomla!® development services. We take our time with our clients so that we can deliver exactly what each one needs. We listen carefully and keep records of ideas, conversations, preliminary designs, prototypes, and code so that we can continuously improve. To be efficient in design is to listen carefully and design a solution that's right the first time around. Let us build a complete solution that includes social media for your business needs instead of just a website.

So why use Salyris Studios for your web development and design needs?

We go the extra mile for our clients, by offering solutions at a range of reasonable prices and packages, while always delivering a quality services. Our first goal is always quality, because our customers deserve it. We just don't do it any other way! We are confident in our ability to meet almost any demand, and always design with quality in mind. We are now concentrating all of our efforts towards building great Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) websites. With the power, flexibility and low cost of Joomla! , it's become clear that we should focus on this Open Source CMS so that our clients can get more for less. You can also find us on the Joomla! Resource Directory TM.

Let the Salyris Studios Team help your web project become more than just a website, let us make it a "web presence" worth revisiting!

Why do we prefer Joomla!® CMS?

From Joomla! template designs, custom extensions, and new additions to existing extensions, we are making Joomla! our main priority; however, we do build custom websites using Wordpress, Magento-Powered eCommerce websites, migrations, upgrades, or any other needs you might have.

Professional Music, Sound FX and Voice-Overs

Be sure also to visit Iain Morland's Music and Sound FX page, a source for professionally created music and audio in partnership with Salyris Studios. Iain Morland, PhD, is a talented British composer and sound designer, who writes and performs music in many exciting styles - from orchestral to electronica, ambient to pop. Iain offers high-end commercial music and creative services, including royalty-free songs and custom voice-overs.